Based on the last country divisions in 2016 , this county has 2 urban centers( Dehaghan & Gulshan) , 1 district ( central district of Dehaghan county) , 3 rural districts( Gombovan, Musaabad, Hamgin) and 63 villages

:About the word root of Dehaghan, there are some opinion like

.Dehaghan is taken from the word of (dehghanan) means villager

Dehaghan is multiplier of (dahaghan) means Dehdar(governor of a rural  district)

Dehaghan is a city and captial of Dehaghan county in western Isfahan province, Iran and on the eastern part of Zagros mountains. According to the estimate of 2011 the  population is 17000

:The climatic condition of this city is divided into

North and east zone, which experience semi-dry climate, suitable for agronomy and animal husbandry activities

South and west zone, which has mountain climate and green hills, suitable for green house activities


Greenhouse cultivation means cultivation and growing crops in a close and controlled environment for high yield. Growing flowers, crops, vegetables and fruits in greenhouse is affordable for many reasons. In this system you can grow some products that are available even unseasonably. One of the issues motivates farmer to this kind of cultivation is aridity. In greenhouse cultivation a little water is needed. Because in these places waste of water from evaporation is less, also by new irrigation methods less water is needed compared to usuall one. Drought duration in our country can be another reason for this actuality

Dehaghan county has been successful in production of greenhouse  crops ever since and this area is known as the nursery of greenhouse in Iran because it’s prone to this field and the first greenhouse in Isfahan province was established in this county.  Greenhouse products of Dehaghan are exported to Middle East countries due to their high quality. Russia is one of these countries because of high profit. Twelve units of sorting for greenhouse products are active in Dehaghan.  ۷۰% of products are sorted and packaged. According to what has been said, it is expected that the demands of the activists of this industry will be fulfilled so that they can have an active presence in this way


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